Springdene newsletter update January 13 2022

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Springdene newsletter update January 13 2022

We know how important visiting is for the social and mental wellbeing of our residents, so we are delighted to announce a resumption of indoor visiting at two of our homes next week.

From Monday January 17, family and friends will be able to book indoor visits at Spring Grove and Springview. At the latter, it will also be possible to visit in the outdoor gazebo if people so wish.

At Spring Lane, from Monday January 17, family and friends will be able to book outdoor gazebo visits. The resumption of indoor visiting will take a little longer as there are still a small number of positive cases remaining in the home, but we hope these will be resolved soon. As always there is access to a digital tablet device to allow face-to-face chats. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you would like to use this.

Meanwhile, as announced in the last newsletter, we are working on a plan to allow each resident in every home an “essential care giver”, which would open up visiting still further. We’ll let you know as soon as we can implement this.

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Springdene Newsletter December 20, 2021

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Springdene Newsletter December 20, 2021

Omicron latest

We promised that we would update you on the latest situation regarding the Omicron variant of Covid-19. As you know it is spreading widely throughout the population and it is affecting us at Springdene, too.

We have unfortunately had outbreaks among staff at all three homes, and although the infection affects only a few, it means that under Department of Health and Social Care rules we must change visiting arrangements. Thankfully, no residents have been infected so far, and we wish to keep it that way.

At Spring Lane and Springview visiting will only be available in the outside gazebos, which are heated and which we will make as comfortable as possible. At Spring Grove, sadly, this option will not be available because the architecture of the building does not allow access to the outside without passing through the building. We are sorry that visiting will not be possible here.

However, you will also be able to “visit” through the windows and to make a face-to-face call online through the tablet devices we have available.

We also know that many of you had planned to take your loved ones out over the Christmas period. Following the rules, we strongly advise you against this, so as to avoid spread to the community. We know that some of you were planning to take your relative out over Christmas, whether it was during the day, or overnight, but if they were to become symptomatic whilst in your care, they would then need to quarantine in your residence for the fourteen-day period, unless they are confirmed covid negative as we do not want the risk of knowingly bringing the virus into the home.

Please be assured that for residents staying within the homes, we promise a wonderful time. There will be fantastic activities, thanks to our devoted managers, Lori, Sony and Tamas. And a wonderful Christmas lunch with all the trimmings.

We are sorry to bring you this news over the festive period. It is as distressing for us as it is for you. We have worked very hard to keep infection out of the home and we know you will cooperate with us. If the situation changes, we promise to bring you the latest news as soon as possible.

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Springdene Newsletter December 16, 2021

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Springdene Newsletter December 16, 2021

Latest rules regarding the new Omicron variant

EVERY one of you be aware, after all the news in the media over the past few days, of the seriousness of the new Omicron variant of Covid-19, which is spreading fast through the population.

Now ministers have brought in new rules to protect the residents of care homes. From this week, the Department of Health and Social Care have announced that care home residents will be allowed three visitors in all, who must be nominated in advance. An additional “essential care-giver” will also be permitted

In addition, there will be more precautions for residents visiting family and friends outside the home. Fully vaccinated residents will be asked to take a lateral flow test on alternate days for two weeks after each outing, while those not vaccinated will have to isolate in their rooms for 14 days after returning.

This will affect our Springdene homes in different ways. Because, unfortunately, a small number of staff at Springview have tested positive, there will be no indoor visiting at the home. Visits will have to take place in the outdoor gazebo, in which heating will be provided. Nor will families at Springview be permitted take their loved ones out – in order to avoid bringing infection back into the home. Visiting at Spring Grove and Spring Lane will be under the government’s new rules.

You can help us over this Christmas period in several ways. First, please make sure we know who your nominated visitors are. Second, if at Spring Grove or Spring Lane, please inform us well in advance if you are planning to take your loved ones out of the home for lunch or other reasons. It is sensible to make sure that family and other gatherings are restricted to a small size. You may wish to avoid taking them out at all.

You can assist us, too, by taking your lateral flow tests at home before you come to our homes. You can record them on the NHS app or bring in a photograph of the completed test with the date on.

With Omicron, we are in a fast-moving situation and if any of this changes, we’ll let you know straight away. In the meantime, from all of us at Springdene, we wish you the best possible Christmas!

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Springdene Newsletter December 04 2021

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Springdene Newsletter December 04 2021

CHRISTMAS came early to Springdene this week with compliments of the season all round.  The Christmas lights were switched on at the front of Springview and there was some hearty singing, with carols from the Salvation Army band.

It was a moment of sheer magic when our oldest resident, Gladys Gathergood, aged 108, joined in (see picture above).  To stave off the cold of the chilly December afternoon there was hot punch, mince pies and doughnuts for everyone.  Even more delightfully, a fire was lit and marshmallows toasted in the flames.  The aroma of wood smoke and marshmallow was so evocative!  There was a huge round of applause when the lights were illuminated and a snow machine sent flakes tumbling from above.

In the spirit of ecumenism candles were lit to celebrate the Jewish season of Chanukah – the Festival of Lights.  Everyone agreed it was a wonderful occasion, with Tidings of Comfort and Joy for all our residents and staff.  And there will be a cornucopia of celebrations to follow over the next few weeks at all three homes.

While on the subject of Christmas, several of you have asked about visiting arrangements over the Festive Season.  The answer is that we are open for visiting all over the holidays, but please do book early to get the best slots.  As usual, visits will be on a rota system, and according to government rules, access will need to be in the visiting room, rather than in residents’ own rooms.  With the new Omicron strain of Covid threatening us, we cannot be too careful.

You can, of course, take Mum or Dad out for lunch, but remember you will have to take a Covid test first.  You will also need to let us know of your plans well in advance.  But maybe your loved ones would like to stay in – our chefs are preparing a splendid Christmas repast with all the trimmings. (There won’t be any visiting between 12 and 3 on Christmas Day while lunch is prepared and served.)

Of course, celebrations at Springdene are not just about Christmas.  We’ve had a couple of marvellous parties over the past month to mark the birthdays of two of our centenarians.  Mrs Dorothy Quill was 101, and Lori, our manager at Spring Lane, organised a magnificent cake with a splendid bouquet of flowers and arranged a sparkling toast with a glasses of prosecco all round.  Meanwhile, Madge Ewart attained her century in style, with Lori doing her proud also.

We’re pleased to announce a new addition to our activities team, welcoming the arrival of Ashley Mizen at Springview.  Ashley has a wealth of experience from his previous life in the Armed Forces and is a fantastic all-rounder.  He joins his skills with those of the existing team, Magda, Odile, Steve and Malwiina, who have been keeping everyone fabulously entertained

It’s good to hear how much you appreciate their work and that of our carers.  For instance, family member Elizabeth Roberts writes:  My mother has been a resident at Spring Lane since 2014, and her increasing needs as her dementia has progressed have been met incredibly well.  She loves her carers, who treat her with respect, compassion and warmth.

“The activities programme is extensive, engaging and varied, food is really good, and rooms are comfortable, clean and well maintained.  The staff and management deserve much praise and appreciation for their dedication, heroism and hard work during the pandemic, keeping residents safe and happy, and relatives informed about their well-being.  I would highly recommend Spring Lane.”

Indeed, we owe a huge amount to our wonderful staff, who are at the heart of our operations at Springdene.  As you will know, they are caring, loyal, diligent and kind, having worked selflessly during the Covid pandemic.  Many of them have been with us for several years.

However, as you’ll have seen in the media, the labour market in the care sector is extremely difficult.  Now, in order to ensure we retain our existing staff and recruit the best new people, we have made the decision to increase our pay rates.

In the New Year we are raising our rates for everyone to accord with the London Living Wage.  We believe that as a responsible company and a good employer, this is the right thing to do.  The London Living Wage is calculated independently to reflect the higher cost of living in the capital, giving a worker in London and their family enough to afford the essentials and to save.  It is voluntary and not required by law, but represents best practice.

This means that we will have to raise our rates for residents, too.  Unfortunately, there are other increases in costs that we are facing.  As you know, domestic fuel prices have rocketed.  In addition, Covid-19 has meant increases of up to 60 per cent in our insurance bills.  And from next April, we have to fund the government’s “Health and Social Care Levy” on National Insurance of 1.25 per cent.

The upshot is that it is necessary to increase our resident rates by 8.5 per cent.  By now all of you should have received a personal letter to this effect.  Rest assured that we will continue to work hard to keep costs down in these difficult times, and to this end, our directors are not taking any increase in their own salaries.

If you have any comments on the above, please get in touch with our CEO Michael Williams at mwilliams@springdene.co.uk and he will do his best to answer any concerns.

On a different note, we thought you might like to hear about the progress of our adopted puppy, Spring, who thanks to your generosity, is being trained to become a Medical Detection Dog, able to sniff out conditions such as Covid, cancer and diabetes.  Spring is now six months old and will soon be allocated his red “in training” coat.  It’s a proud day for him!  He lives with Helen and her family in Milton Keynes – the setting for the start of his journey to becoming a fully-fledged life-saving dog.

Spring is a very bright boy and has a cheeky and fun personality.  He has been able to meet with fellow dogs in training and has been regularly at puppy classes.  Alongside the hard work of his trainer, Loren, this means that he now has a good level of basic obedience and has been learning new life skills.

Early socialisation is a key part of any dog’s training programme and Spring has been round the local area, visiting garden centres and shops.  He receives a lot of admiring glances from members of the public.

At the moment, Spring’s biggest distraction is other dogs, and his trainers have been working hard on his behaviour around them.  He is also practising walking nicely on the lead in a variety of different places.  He will be getting lots of support and guidance in these areas with Loren as well as his socialisers.

Spring is Helen’s third dog in training for Medical Detection Dogs and she is really enjoying having him around the house.  He can usually be found playing in the garden and he loves fuss and attention.

Everyone is pleased with Spring’s early progress – and thanks again to Springdene families for their support.  We’ll bring you another update soon on the pup’s progress.

Lastly, we’d like to commend to you our exciting new website.  Bright and modern with specially-taken new pictures, this is the gateway to Springdene and tells you everything you need to know about us.  We think you will especially enjoy the videos of interviews with your loved ones. The website can be found at www.springdene.co.uk

It will also link you to our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which bring you more news and pictures in addition to this newsletter. It will be great if you can “like” and “follow” us on our social media platforms. See you on board!

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We thought it would be helpful for you to know the latest on life in our care homes and how we are responding to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Springdene Group is continuing to take measures across all the homes to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, including enhanced cleaning regimes and use of specialist cleaning products.

All our staff are wearing Personal Protective Equipment, as recommended by Public Health England.

At this time, in order to keep residents in our homes safe, along with our staff, we continue to suspend visits to the homes. Exceptions to this are visiting medical professionals. We hope you understand this is in the best interests of everybody.

As you will know, some residents have been confined to their rooms for personal protection, but we are pleased to say that we are gradually allowing people into the common areas on a rotating basis. Social distancing rules will be observed, balancing physical safety with emotional well-being.

We are also pleased to announce that staff in our homes are now becoming eligible for the national Covid-19 testing programme in line with PHE’s guidelines. The first member of staff was tested this week and others will follow.

However, it with great sadness that we report the death of Vivien Frey, the activities coordinator at Spring Grove. Vivien had worked for the company for nearly 20 years and was greatly loved and respected by all who worked with her. In particular she was a prime mover in the running of the Spring Grove Music Festival for 15 years.

“She was a great personality, at the heart of all Spring Grove’s activities and a crucial part of our operation – loved by residents and their families alike,“ says Medical Director Robin Powell. “We will miss her hugely and send out sincerest condolences to those she has left behind.” On the issue of communication, we know that during the embargo on visits it is distressing for relatives and friends not to be able to see their loved ones physically. But we are doing everything we can to facilitate phone calls or Skype, or other forms of video conferencing. To this end we have acquired tablet devices for residents to use.

Happily, the homes continue to be in contact with the “outside world”. Last week Spring Lane featured on the BBC’s Six o’ Clock News, with the news team filming through the front windows, to be greeted with waves and smiles from staff and residents.

And in a lovely gesture, pupils from Hornsey School for Girls baked trays of cakes and pastries and presented them to Springview, Spring Grove and Spring Lane. They came complete with a painting of a rainbow (right). Everybody reported on how delicious they were.

Nor was the spirit of Easter neglected. On Good Friday residents at Springview were greatly amused by the arrival of the Easter Bunny (left).

Meanwhile Waitrose, the supermarket group, donated some beautiful daffodils and Easter eggs, which also cheered everybody up.

We hope to make this newsletter a regular event, so we’ll be back in touch before long. Meanwhile, thanks to all families and friends for their cooperation in these extraordinary and difficult times. And a specially big “thank you” to all our staff who are working so hard to keep everyone cared-for and safe.

Thank you for your continued co-operation.

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Springdene Newsletter  October 30 2021

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Springdene Newsletter October 30 2021

IN THE PINK! As you can see from the picture, the residents of Spring Lane are all dressed up in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Day and having a tipple and a great time.

In fact, as somebody remarked: “It seems always to be party time at Spring Lane” –and manager Lori, with Magda and her team, have organised some fantastic celebrations over the past few weeks.

For animal lovers, there has been Pet Therapy Day and bakers have been engrossed in Fresh Herb-bread Baking Day. Not to mention fruit and vegetable printing, which was great fun for all, as well as indulging in a very popular pampering session.

Angela Peetamsingh, daughter of Vilma Ali, was moved to write: “Thank you, Lori. Mum was always very particular about her makeup, hair and nails. She was a personal secretary/shorthand typist in the city for most of her working life. I can see that she has enjoyed this session. Thank you so much for looking after her so well.”

Not just fun at Spring Lane, but the other homes as well. Music and art have been thriving at Spring Grove, thanks to Tegan and Odile, while Steve at Springview has been wowing everyone with his legendary singalongs. Everyone has had huge fun in the past week preparing for Halloween tomorrow. The decorated pumpkins look fantastic and we’re told the Halloween biscuits are especially delicious. A spooky time is sure to be had by all.

While our activities staff have worked so hard during the dark days of the pandemic to generate entertainment “in house”, we’re now looking at introducing more outside entertainment. Spring Grove and Spring Lane residents have been treated to the ever-popular musical talents of Roddy Skeaping, while a group of musicians from Live Music Now have been entertaining folk at Spring Grove. Other new outside entertainers will follow and we will keep you posted.

There’s lots of other good news to report. Springview has won a silver medal for its lovely gardens in the Enfield in Bloom competition. Congratulations to Stacey-Louise, whose green fingers helped make it all blossom. We’re happy to say, too, that the homes have remained Covid-free for many months now, thanks to all the precautions taken by our hard-working staff – and you, the visitors, who have patiently endured our testing regimes.

While the media have reported low rates of booster vaccinations in care homes around the country, we’re proud to say that almost every resident in our homes who is entitled to a booster has had one.

Also, as of November 11, all our staff will have been fully vaccinated and anyone who enters the homes – whether medical staff, tradespeople or entertainers – will have to show proof of their jabs. This will provide an additional layer of security.

However, a cautionary word. As you will have seen in the news, Covid infection rates are soaring again in the community. It is vital that the virus is not brought into the homes, and we would urge all folk to make sure they have had their vaccines. While this is not a legal requirement for visitors seeing their loved ones, we would urge you to make sure you have had all jabs available to you. It is a sensible precaution for all.

One of the nice things about our folk at Springdene is the fact that so many have a fascinating back story. Distinguished among these is Rachel Kidd at Spring Grove. Rachel, who is a wonderful painter in her own right, is the daughter of sculptor Barbara Hepworth and the artist Ben Nicholson.

Hepworth is regarded as Britain’s greatest-ever woman artist and Nicholson was one of the finest abstract painters of the 20th century. To add to this distinguished artistic heritage, Rachel’s grandfather was Sir William Nicholson, one of the most eminent painters and portraitists of the Edwardian era.

Chatting as the autumn sun beams through the windows of her fourth-floor room at Spring Grove, Rachel talks of the influence of her family and how it has moulded her life. At 87, still bearing her mothers’ striking features, she speaks of her upbringing in Hampstead and St Ives in Cornwall and how she didn’t start painting until she was in her early forties, after the death of her mother.

Barbara Hepworth died in 1975 as a result of smoking a cigarette in bed. “I have always tried to lead a healthy life,” says Rachel, “Never drinking or smoking.”

“I had no formal training and didn’t know I could paint till I tried,” she says. Yet her paintings, especially her quiet still lives and landscapes, are exquisite and have been exhibited widely in many galleries and collections. At her first London exhibition in 1980, her eminent father commented: “I never realised she could paint so well. I would have been happy to paint that one myself.”

“I was one of triplets,” she says, “and you can imagine what it was like for my parents with their artistic work and three brats on their hands. We must have been a pain in the neck!”

As a result, her mother was a somewhat remote figure. Rachel and her siblings were left with a cook and a nurse while her parents got on with their creative jobs at their studios, off Parkhill Road in Hampstead. Her father was a warmer character – she recalls him playing ball games with her on the sands at St Ives after they moved there from Hampstead at the beginning of the war. Rachel still loves ball games, she says, because of what Ben taught her.

Their Hampstead house was a veritable salon for the great artists of the day. Henry Moore dropped by, and Rachel remembers the great abstract artist Piet Mondrian coming for tea. As a young child she was appalled that he ate off his knife!

These days Rachel no longer paints – and devotes herself to her three adult children and their families. But she stays in touch with the artistic world by reading The Guardian every day, as well as indulging her passion for classical music. And she still has an eye for a landscape, savouring the view from her window with the leaves turning golden. “I saw a fox curled up on the lawn in the sunshine the other day. It was lovely.”

Meanwhile, we congratulate our residents of the week, whom we pamper with flowers and chocolates and try to meet their special wishes. Laura Davis at Spring Grove is one of our newest members. She was a journalist, and among other jobs, worked at Woman’s Own magazine in London for a while.

She loves Italian food and a glass of sauvignon blanc, so she’s being treated to some of those delights this week, too. She is a lover of music and sang in a choir for many years. Lots of singing and dancing, too, then for Laura!

At Spring Lane, Johanna Maund hails from the Cape Province of South Africa. she previously lived in Australia. Johanna was a teacher and thoroughly enjoyed her work educating young minds. She very much enjoys quizzes and documentaries, so we’ve been keeping her brain active with those this week. She isn’t a big eater, but adores fruit, so she’s been treated to a range of lovely different fruits throughout the week.

Joan Barnett at Springview loves keeping fit. We’ve made sure she attends all of the fun exercise sessions this week, as well as some walks, since the weather has been kind to us. She doesn’t drink alcohol, but is quite partial to the occasional fizzy drink such as Coca-Cola. She also really enjoys Chinese food, so we’ve ordered her an oriental treat for her special meal.

Finally, may we offer a very warm welcome back to Kathy, our Business Administrator at Springview, who has been away recovering from a long illness. As many of you will know, Kathy’s lovely smile and cheery manner always light up the reception desk. Good to see you home, Kathy!

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Springdene Newsletter September 18 2021

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Springdene Newsletter September 18 2021

EVEN WHEN there are grey skies (of which there have been many recently!) the mood is always sunny at Springdene. Lori, our enterprising manager at Spring Lane, hosted a wonderful barbecue the other day, where residents chomped on burgers and other delicious grilled food. Just how much folk enjoyed it can be seen from the picture above!

At all three homes, residents have been soaking up the last bit of sun among the late blooms in the gardens before autumn approaches. But with this in mind, folk have been busy knitting for the colder months. And they have been enjoying the Spotify playlist “Summer Hits of the Sixties” so as to make the season last that bit longer.

At Spring Grove we celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and made some lovely apple prints to denote the occasion. We also celebrated Linda Dean’s 82nd birthday and she asked if she could watch “Hamlet”, which, of course, we fixed for her. She very much enjoyed it. Lori, at Spring Lane, also organised a fantastic cheese and wine party.

We’ve also been celebrating our lovely residents of the week, for whom we grant special wishes, as well as giving chocolates and flowers.

Frances Wilson at Springview loves listening to music and, like her sister Joan (who also lives in the home), was a big fan of dancing in her youth. Frances enjoys participating in most activities and can always be heard singing along to entertaining musicians or joining in with quizzes and offering her answers.

She very much enjoys spending time with her sister Joan and loves to eat chocolate. She’ll no doubt get her fair share this week as well as her favourite tipple – a nice big glass of white wine!

At Spring Grove, Pat Tavignot is a quiet woman who likes to keep herself to herself. She does occasionally enjoy joining us for quizzes or interesting documentaries. She is an avid reader and spends a lot of her time reading in her room. In fact, her first job was at the Marylebone Road Library, the perfect spot for a bookworm!

Pat spent most of her life working in the information bureau which she very much enjoyed. And she spent many holidays in France, one of her favourite places. She hasn’t requested a lot this week, but she adores fruit, so she’ll be given lots of lovely fruity treats all week.

Mary Kelly at Spring Lane is a wonderfully bright and cheery lady. She hails from County Galway in Ireland and is a big lover of music and especially dancing. She jives like no other when a bit of rock ’n’ roll comes on, and can often be seen swinging a member of staff around the room as she leads them in all sorts of lively dance moves!

She is also a very keen cook and loves to help us with baking. She was a huge part of the Great Springdene Bake Off this spring and we look forward to tasting some more of her baked goods in next year’s competition.

Mary has always worked incredibly hard all her life, but her favourite job was working in a kitchen in Palmer’s Green, so it’s no wonder she’s a pro in the kitchen in our home! She has requested Irish stew for her dinner, so we’ll make sure we get her a lovely big portion!

There was another delightful moment when our thoughtful Spring Lane manager Lori organised a birthday celebration for carer Belinda Juco (below), whose husband Mario also worked for us but sadly died after contracting Covid-19. “What a lovely surprise!” said Belinda.

On the business front, our dynamic modernisation plans are starting to bear fruit. Our new website is close to completion. Staff and residents contributed to some wonderful video interviews, which we will share with you soon. Our social media accounts are thriving – try dipping into https://www.facebook.com/Springdene. And we’re thrilled that the pre-application about to be submitted for planning permission for our state-of the art development at Spring Lane.

Here, as well as a general refurbishment, we are increasing the number of rooms and creating a wellbeing centre, complete with hydrotherapy pool. When finished, it will be one of the finest in north London. We’re also pleased to note we are receiving more inquiries again from potential residents after the dip in occupancy due to Covid-19.

And some other good news. We’re pleased to say that all our care staff – and indeed anyone who works in or enters our homes – will have been fully vaccinated by November 11. This is another vital piece in our armoury in the battle against Covid-19.

Finally, this will be our last newsletter in a fortnightly format. The next issue will be published in a month’s time. When we first started these newsletters, back at the height of the pandemic, there was much information to convey to you, especially relating to the exigencies surrounding Covid-19 – infection control, new visiting rules and so on.

Now things have settled down and the homes are humming along nicely (they have been Covid-free for several months), we’re happy to serve you with all our news and views on a monthly basis, though we will, from time to time publish special one-off editions. Have a good weekend and we’ll see you in four weeks!

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Springdene Newsletter September 4 2021

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Springdene Newsletter September 4 2021

Do WE need to be vaccinated to visit our loved ones at Springdene? This is a question some of you have asked this week. To recap, the government has announced that all staff in our homes must be double vaccinated by November, otherwise they will not be permitted to work.

The new rule also applies to everyone who enters the premises, whether they are maintenance staff, hairdressers, beauticians or entertainers. However, there is one exception – visitors and friends who come to visit their loved ones in the homes. This is designed to protect the human rights of families.

Nevertheless, we appeal to you to ensure you are double vaccinated before coming to visit Springdene. Predictions are that the highly transmissible Delta variant will become even more rampant in the autumn, especially as schools and universities reopen. The hard work by our staff in testing and cleaning has made sure that our homes have been free from the virus for some months now. We are determined to keep it that way.

But there is a silver lining. The requirement for vaccination means that the door will be open in the not-too-distant future to bring in more outside entertainers to enhance our activities programmes. As you know, since the first lockdown, most of our enviable range of activities have been generated internally. But now we see an opportunity to open it out to more entertainers, lecturers and musicians, who we will be able to verify as safe. Watch this space!

While on the subject of activities, we are very sorry to announce we are saying goodbye to our much-loved group activities manager Eirlys Roff, who is moving on to a new position. Many of you will be familiar with Eirlys, with her huge energy, her lovely smile and always a cheerful word for every resident. She has been responsible for many innovations, including the activities planners, which are sent to you every week. And the entertaining Great Springdene Bake Off and the Springdene Olympics, which so many enjoyed, were developed by Eirlys, too.

Eirlys will remain on hand as a consultant for a short while, but we wish her all the best for the future as she leaves the homes. In the meantime, activities in the homes are in D Issue 45 the capable hands of the rest of the team – Tegan, Magda, Malwina, Steve and Odile while we interview for a new group activities manager.

While on the subject of activities, the best of them were shown off this week as we filmed and photographed for our exciting new website, which we hope to launch in the next few weeks. Tegan and Eirlys sang some of the old songs, Steve invited everybody to his Day at the Races, as well as his very popular Casino, and our very talented Spring Grove resident Marcelle Jay (above) played the piano. It was wonderful to hear her fingers on the ivories.

In her previous life, Marcelle was a distinguished ophthalmologist and is one of many folk at Springdene with a marvellous life story. She was so eminent that a room at University College London was named after her. Another is 99-year-old Lilli Segel, who has just joined us at Spring Lane. Lilli is one of the few people still alive in the UK with memories of pre-war Berlin in the Nazi era where she grew up as a young girl. She came to England as a refugee from Hitler in 1939.

“I call it my Fairy Story,” says Lilli, her bright eyes animated as she tells her tale. As a Jewish child, she had been forced out of her grammar school even though she was a star pupil. “I recall my teacher crying because I had to go. The atmosphere in the city was terrible. I remember all the broken glass from Kristallnacht – it was horrifying.” [In November 1938, in an incident known as “Kristallnacht”, the Nazis torched synagogues, vandalised Jewish homes, schools and businesses and killed close to 100 Jews.]

But by chance, while in a cafe in the Tiergarten, Lilli had found a handbag belonging to an English girl, with whom she subsequently struck up a correspondence. The girl, Dodi, who lived in Liverpool, encouraged Lilli to escape from Germany and so she fled on a terrifying journey, leaving her parents behind. “Before I got to the border, I saw a Nazi take a child’s teddy bear and slash it open with a knife,” she says.

But Lilli (above) was well looked after and flourished in Britain, marrying and making up for her lost education by doing a degree with the Open University, eventually becoming an academic teaching drama at the University of London, where who worked up to her retirement aged 90. Lilli also occupied a distinguished position at the National Theatre

After retiring she returned to Berlin on a nostalgic visit to her old school and the headmaster was able to dig out her records. “It was amazing after all that time – ‘very good pupil’, it said.” Now, aged 99, with the help of her daughter, Lilli has written up her life story. “I thought that sometime in the future, the world should know about all these events,” she says.

It’s been birthday time for another distinguished resident – Ian Willison CBE, former head of rare books at the British Library. Ian, one of the authors of the “Cambridge History of the Book”, was so thrilled with his birthday celebration that he stood up and made a speech and wrote a card to all who attended, donating two of his books to the Spring Grove library. Thank you, Ian and many happy returns!

And, of course, we mustn’t forget our cherished residents of the week, who we pamper with flowers and chocolates and to whom we grant special wishes.

At Spring Grove our celebrity this week is Lady Elizabeth O’Brien. Elizabeth has lived in many areas of the UK. She was born in Halifax, and has also lived in Birmingham, Wakefield and London. She read medicine at university and is a big lover of the arts, particularly classical music, painting and singing. She was a consultant child psychiatrist and really loved her work. She mostly likes to spend her time relaxing in her room but does like to join in with parties and classical music events. She has requested a gin and tonic and a fish supper, so we will absolutely organise this for her.

Maureen Bennett at Spring Lane adores music and every time she hears it her face lights up. She regularly sings along to her favourites and beams when listening. She is also a huge fan of “Dad’s Army” and “Father Ted”, which she finds hilarious. She was born in Dublin and grew up there. Her favourite job was teaching. She enjoys a sherry, lager or a gin & tonic so we’ll get her at least one of those this week! She has requested scrambled eggs on toast as a treat for breakfast.

Joan Gallaway is one of the quiet people at Springview, but she loves music and used to go dancing all the time. She grew up in Wood Green and has a brother and a sister, who also lives at Springview and the two of them spend all their time together often holding hands.

Joan used to enjoy football and snooker and has very much relished watching the various sporting events in the Paralympics. She has requested a roast dinner and a glass of wine, which we will happily provide her with.

Lastly, we are delighted to receive the following warm tribute from Garry Davison, whose mother is in Springview: “The care and facilities provided at Springview are second to none. I live in South America, and due to Covid restrictions, have not been able to visit Springview to see my mother for over 18 months. I used to visit her every three months.

“It is so comforting for me to know that she is being so well looked after, and at least I get the chance to see her on the weekly Skype video calls that we have. She is doing very well and seems happy with life. The staff at Springview are all amazing, and I would like to send a big thank you to them all for looking after Mum so well.”

Thank you, Garry. It is very much appreciated.

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Springdene Newsletter August 21 2021

3 years ago ·

Springdene Newsletter August 21 2021

WE HAD looked at quite a few care homes for our then 96-year-old mother. She was increasingly struggling with living at home and we were very pleased to have found Spring Grove,” writes family member Jeremy Bilder, among a number of lovely tributes we have received recently.

He goes on: “The warm atmosphere was immediately apparent, with cheerful, friendly carers and staff. The smiles and laughter from the residents being entertained in the main lounge added to that feel and we were most impressed with the thought and care taken to provide a daily schedule of activities and entertainment. A copy of the schedule is also emailed each week to relatives, together with a really good, creative and amusing newsletter highlighting the past week’s events.

“The happy environment has been there each of our many visits since our mother moved to Spring Grove. In those two years, she has repeatedly told the family how content she is there, and she is always full of praise for the lovely staff. It is so nice to so often see her and the carers pulling each other’s legs and enjoying a laugh and joke together!”

Thank you, Jeremy, for your kind comments, and we are happy to report that soon we will have more communication channels open so that we can interact even better with our families and prospective new residents. First of all, we are revamping our website with a more modern look and exciting new graphics and pictures.

The website, which we aim to launch at the end of next month, will incorporate video and contain useful information such as activities planners and copies of this newsletter. We are planning to undertake the photography in the first week of September, so photographers will be out and about in the homes, working to capture images of them at their best.

We are also launching Instagram and Twitter accounts – all the better to bring you the latest news and pictures from the homes. Our Facebook page is also flourishing, with lots of pictures and news about Springdene. All these social media channels are essential tools in the armoury of modern communications, and are crucial to spreading the news about the work of Springdene Care Homes.

Our Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Springdene Please give it a “like” when you have read it. Meanwhile our Twitter and Instagram feeds can be found at @SpringdeneCare and http://instagam.com/springdenecare respectively.

We’re delighted to report that our homes continue to be free from cases of Covid-19, thanks to the hard work put in by our staff in infection control, as well as rigorous and regular testing of everyone. Meanwhile, there is a major new development affecting our staff.

The government have decreed that from the autumn, all care home workers must be vaccinated. The new legislation means from November 11 anyone working in a CQC-registered care home in England for residents requiring nursing or personal care must have two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine unless they have a valid medical exemption.

It will apply to all workers employed directly by the care home or care home provider (on a full-time or part-time basis), those employed by an agency and deployed by the care home, and volunteers coming into the care home.

Those entering care homes to do other work, for example healthcare workers, tradespeople, hairdressers and beauticians, and CQC inspectors will also have to follow the new regulations, unless they have a medical exemption.

We’re pleased to say that some 90 per cent of staff have been double jabbed, but there are some who have yet to make their appointments. We’re very much hoping that they will go ahead and stay on board with us.

While we’re all a bit disappointed by the grey August weather, folk have been able to get out to enjoy Stacey-Louise’s beautifully landscaped gardens, exquisite with colour and fragrance. And a huge amount of fun was had by all with the Springdene Olympics – next best to the real thing, everyone agreed.

Folk made their own Olympic torches out of coloured paper, and you’d be amazed at how competitive Team Springdene were, with wheelchair races, walker races and Zimmer-frame races. The shotput produced some impressive results and the medals (below) were well-deserved. Eirlys is putting the final touches to a video of the events, which we’ll post on our Facebook page and on YouTube when it is done.

Cookery has been on the menu, too. For Afternoon Tea Week last week, Steve at Springview led a group baking some delicious scones, while Magda at Spring Lane laid on a delightful spread in the high dependency unit. There was a splendid repast to coincide with Christine Moir’s 75th birthday at Spring Grove.

Fans of Indian food got a treat when our chefs rustled up a special meal for Indian Independence Day last Sunday. Mulligatawny soup with samosas was on the menu for starters, followed by Butter Chicken Curry with pilau rice. The meal was polished off authentically with some sweet and delicious Gulab Jamun. Namaste!

We’ve also been celebrating our lovely residents of the week who are presented with flowers and chocolates as well as being generally pampered. Lilli Segel at Spring Lane is one of the newest additions to the family. She has a rich and incredibly interesting history. She grew up in Berlin and in 1939 at the age of 17 went to Llandudno as a refugee from Nazi Germany, where she worked in a hotel as a general “dogsbody”.

She is a big fan of exercise, attending yoga and Pilates classes for many years and loves music and theatre. She worked for the National Theatre and even very recently was still teaching theatre studies to adult students at the University of London. She likes small, healthy meals and hasn’t requested anything special as a treat, but really likes very hot coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon, so we’ll make sure she has it!

At Spring Grove, Ian Willison CBE is another fascinating man, highly intelligent and loves to assist us in performing for most projects we ask him to participate in. Ian was the former head of rare books at the British Library and has led an incredibly interesting life, having been been honoured by the Queen – something he is immensely proud of. He likes a Scotch and soda so we’ll treat him to that, and has asked for a medium cooked steak with mashed potatoes and lots of red cabbage!

Joan Barnett at Springview is another recent addition to the Springdene family She likes her own space, but is very keen on doing regular exercise with us in the mornings and walking regularly to keep her legs working. She used to love to travel and went on many trips to Australia and America when she was younger.

Joan worked for National Children’s Homes, which she thoroughly enjoyed because the charity’s mission was wonderful, and she felt she was helping children. She also worked in a solicitor’s office for a long time. Joan has requested some Chinese food for a special meal and a Coca Cola. Well done to all these distinguished folk!

One of the special features of life at Springdene is our Relatives Support Group, which is made up of relatives, friends and professionals who have a common purpose – to support one another in their journey through the lifechanging process of entering a care home. This applies to both the person joining the home and those nearest to them.

We appreciate just how difficult it is to make the decision to place someone into residential care. We also recognise that it is often more distressing for the relatives and friends than for the person being “re-homed”.

The group is open to anyone who currently has a relative or friend in any of the Springdene Group’s homes or has previously had a relative or friend in the homes. We can also help those wrestling with the decision to place a relative or friend in a home.

The group, which meets on Thursday evenings every four weeks, is professionally facilitated by an experienced dementia specialist nurse. In earlier, non-Covid times, the group would convene face-to-face at Spring Lane over tea and cake but now we meet virtually. We discuss difficulties being faced, hear how others have dealt with similar situations and tap into the experts’ opinions on how best to manage issues that are raised. If you would like to join us, then call us at Spring Lane on 020 8815 2000. Meetings are confidential and there is no charge for attending.

If you can’t make up your mind, then listen to this endorsement from our company HR Director Adrienne Rosen: “I found moving my father into a retirement home was a very difficult decision. The support group showed me I was not alone. Subsequently, the group has helped me adjust. It is a place where I can be open and where we can laugh and cry. And the tea and cake [in normal times] are delicious!”

Lastly, we hope you will dig deep for our forthcoming raffle to support our new sponsored charity Sepsis UK, which raises money for research into this devastating condition which kills people needlessly. We have some splendid hampers (see below) to be won. Please contact tfazekas@springdene.co.uk if you would like to give. Thanks so much!

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COVID-19: Update 5

3 years ago ·

COVID-19: Update 5

WELCOME to the latest edition of our weekly newsletter, in which we report on life in our Springdene homes and how we are facing up to the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Life is tough for everybody in these terrible times, but we are making excellent progress in our homes in preventing the spread of the disease. We pay tribute to the selfless and heroic efforts of our staff in making sure all the residents are safe and well looked after. And we are grateful to the residents themselves for their forbearance and understanding, with many having to stay in their rooms for personal protection.

We are happy to report that we have good supplies of personal protective equipment, which all our staff wear at all times. We are also applying the rules with regard to wearing the kit with a rigour over and above that required by Public Health England. Springdene Group continues to undertake comprehensive cleaning programmes using specialist cleaning products.

A covid-testing regime is underway for the evaluation of residents who may be suspected of having the disease. The first testing kits for residents arrived this week. Staff are being offered tests, too, with the first seven having undergone tests, with more to follow as the government accelerates its testing programme. This requires getting staff members to the test centre in Wembley – a challenge for those without cars: perhaps there are volunteers among you who could help with this crucial task?

You can be assured that we will let families know as soon as possible when any of their loved ones is ill. And extra care is being taken in looking out for residents who have less capacity. Although some of our care staff are self-isolating and away from work, we are pleased to report that all the shifts in the homes are being covered. We are recruiting new carers and volunteers and, where necessary, our managers are filling any gaps. Even our group operations manager is rolling up his sleeves and dispensing medicines!

To reward our hard-working staff for their efforts, we are looking at increasing sick pay if they have to be absent through isolation or illness. We are also providing staff with bowls of fruit and take-away pizzas as thanks for their efforts.

We know how frustrating it is for residents not to be able to physically see their loved ones at the moment, but you can rest assured they are being especially well looked after, with lots of smiles and attention from their carers. We encourage everyone to make use of the tablet devices that are available to video-call relatives. Staff are only too happy to help with any technical difficulties.

Food, delivered to rooms where the dining room is closed, is of its usual excellent standard, and we pay tribute to the often-unsung efforts of the staff at our contractor CaterPlus in making it so delicious in difficult circumstances.

You may have seen in the news this week that Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced new proposals to allow people to be with gravely ill relatives in care homes before they die so they can fulfil a ‘right to say goodbye’. At Springdene, this has always been the case, and you can be assured that we will waive the embargo on visits whenever a family faces such circumstances. On a happier note, there is lots of activity in the homes to keep residents entertained and to bring sparkle into their lives. At Spring Lane, the residents made Beatrix Potter characters to stick on the windows to symbolise the coming of spring. And Caroline, the activities coordinator, has been running bingo from the end of the corridor, with residents playing from their doorways, She has also been reading a daily short story over the tannoy.

At Springview, Eirlys the activities coordinator, wrote a brilliant spoof song, “Is this the way to fight Corona?” to the tune of Tony Christie’s ‘Is this the way to Amarillo? It was performed with gusto by the staff, and the residents had a ‘right laugh’, especially over the verse ‘The supermarket shelves are bare/Can’t find toilet roll anywhere’. It was so good, said someone, it should be entered for the Brit awards.

We’d like to express our appreciation to the group of Highgate ladies who donated 25 goody bags for the staff at Spring Lane. The bags included shower gel, wipes, porridge, lunch snack, energy bar and drinks. These ladies just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to all the carers and staff of Spring Lane for doing an ‘amazing job looking after all the residents’.

One final thing. We thought it would be a nice idea to create a picture book in memory of Vivien Frey, our much loved activities coordinator at Spring Grove, who died suddenly last week. If residents or families have any memories, anecdotes or pictures they would like to share, please send them to Adrienne Rosen at arosen@springdene.co.uk.

Thank you for your continued co-operation.

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