Meet the team

James Anderson

Finance and Commercial Manager

James is responsible for managing and overseeing Springdene’s finance and accounting functions, and in particular providing high level financial reporting and guidance for the executive team and board. James has extensive experience (over seventeen years) working in senior financial roles within the care home sector, including nine years in Australia.

Mark Clements

Group Operations Manager

After retraining as a Registered Nurse, Mark joined Springdene Care Homes in 2014. Mark now leads the management teams across the three homes where together they work hard to keep residents safe and happy.


Director of Resident Happiness ????

Dougal is committed to improving the wellbeing of residents across Springdene, spreading joy wherever he goes

Adrienne Rosen

People Director

Adrienne is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development with an MBA and over 20 years’ experience advising on HR, Employee Relations, executive and leadership development, talent assessment, change and employee engagement. She has experience working in Care, Consultancy, Professional and Financial Services, Life Sciences, Transport and Aviation. Her father’s dementia led to her passion for ensuring meaningful engagement for residents with dementia and supporting the carers of those with dementia.

Sony Joy

Home Manager of Spring Grove

In 2018 Sony was promoted to Home Manager after working for Springdene for 10 years. Working as a Registered Nurse in an emergency Care Unit in India gave him the skills and clinical knowledge that enabled him to be where he is today. In addition to a Diploma in Leadership and Management, Sony has the skills to lead a team and provide high quality person-centred care.

Lori Vela

Spring Lane Home Manager

Lori Joined Spring Lane in 2018 and is committed to providing the highest standards of care. She works together with the staff to bring joy to everyday experiences, whilst striving to be caring and respectful of the people in our care.

Michael Williams

Chairman and CEO

Michael has been a director of the company for more than 10 years. He is passionate about delivering the highest possible standards of care for all.

Iva Petrova

Springview Home Manager

I am a Registered Nurse, working in various care settings since 1996. After working in Bulgaria for eight years I moved to the UK.

Care is my passion! The wellbeing of residents and their quality of life is my priority. I lead my team by example, and am dedicated to building good relationships with residents, families, friends and other professionals involved in their everyday life.

Theodore Powell

Director of Facilities and Project Development

Theodore is responsible for maintaining the properties, managing developments projects and championing technological innovation across the Springdene Group of homes