What is the food like in a Springdene care home?

As we get older, eating well and staying hydrated becomes even more important in ensuring we stay healthy and happy. The experience of dining also plays a key part in helping us to maintain quality of life.

At Springdene homes food occupies a great deal of thought and time. Jeremy Balcombe, CEO of the company, oversees the menus personally. He says: “We design the menus with people in mind. We are in the business of making people’s lives interesting and comfortable and food is a large part of that.”

Passionate about food

Our trained chefs have special skills in catering for older people, appreciating the importance of special diets and the need to make food especially appealing for those who find it hard to find meals appetising. When Jeremy, the home’s chefs and the kitchen teams put their heads together, their considerations for the residents are about eating healthily, offering a variety of food, giving people the choice of flavours, textures, colours, that will satisfy a wide variety of preferences.

Our catering teams are passionate about food, from how it is produced, to how it is cooked and presented and are very quite particular that the food in front of residents be visually pleasing and something to look forward to.

Each meal, each day, has a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and key elements such as Vitamin C, E, antioxidants, probiotics and omegas. There are always at least six choices of food on the menu – three for lunch and three for dinner on any day. There are always vegetarian options, too.

Special dietary requirements

The main ingredients are fresh every day, and the popularity of the various menu options are carefully noted. The aim is to keep residents happy by providing their favourites wherever possible!

Main courseThe kitchen teams place a focus on allergens when designing new menus, for those with diabetes or other dietary requirements. They also have a great understanding of the traditional style of meals that people love, such as roast chicken and all the accompaniments, as well as extra-healthy options such as Quorn and salads.

The home’s chefs will be one of the first people to meet new residents when they move into a Springdene care home.

They’re keen to learn all about people’s unique dietary needs and favourite foods (as well as the things they’re not so fond of) so they can make sure that there’ll always be plenty on the menu to tempt them.

Residents especially enjoy the theme days – a cultural celebration calendar that highlights a different nationality dish each month. January sees a Chinese meal celebrating the Chinese New Year, May an Africa Day menu with a goat stew; July 14 had a French menu to celebrate Bastille Day – involving an infusion of garlic – and Brazilian Independence Day was marked in September.

You can be sure that anyone who enjoys fine dining will enjoy the culinary experience in a Springdene care home