Support group

Comfort for family and friends

Care at Springdene does not stop at the residents but extends to their family and friends. We are proud of our unique support group, designed to help those affected by their loved one’s condition and the associated phycological turmoil. We believe that people should not struggle alone and so we have created a safe space for them to share their experience and get the support they deserve.

The group runs between 6pm-7pm on one Thursday a month and is facilitated by an Admiral Nurse trained to provide specialist dementia care along with the support of Dr Robin Powell, the Springdene Medical Director. The support group has continued throughout Covid and is now running virtually.

Testimonials for support group


“I was in a desperate situation and it was not easy to go through. The group gave good advice and gave me the courage and support to do what was right”

“The group is absolutely life-saving”

“It gives practical advice on our own situations as it evolves”

“An opportunity with everyone sharing ideas and experiences. It provides a huge source of reassurance “

“I have found the Support Group absolutely invaluable in the process of caring for my mother as her dementia progresses. Not only has it lightened the very emotional journey that it is, but they have helped with so many ideas to deal with specific issues and given me the understanding to have the strength to make some difficult decisions. Most valuable of all, I think I have become a better carer so that my mother has much better understanding and support from me.”