Springdene Newsletter 4th January 2024

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Springdene Newsletter 4th January 2024

HAPPY New Year to all, wherever you may be, and we hope you are looking forward to 2024, following a fantastic festive season at Springdene.  By general agreement, our celebrations in the homes were among the best for many years.

Our party season kicked off at the end of November with the official switch-on of the Christmas lights at Springview by Councillor Suna Hurman, Mayor of Enfield.  Councillor Hurman chatted to the residents and congratulated Springdene on more than 50 years of service to the community.

The local paper, the Enfield Independent, ran a full-page feature about the occasion, featuring pictures of our residents enjoying mince pies and roasted marshmallows, including our snow machine in action!

The decorations across all the homes looked fantastic.  And there were splendid repasts every day, prepared by our new catering manager Mark Gates and his team

High point was Christmas Day lunch in the homes with all the trimmings.  Afterwards the directors served a roast turkey and Christmas pudding lunch to the hard-working staff, a ritual which is very popular every year.

“It was a pleasure to give our folk a chance to put their feet up for a short time,“ said CEO Michael Williams.  “They are lovely people who work so hard for us.  Wonderful for them to have a bit of relaxation and enjoyment for themselves on Christmas Day.

After a hearty New Year celebration, the festive season was still going strong this week with a coach visit by the residents of Spring Grove to the Wallace Collection art gallery near Oxford Street, where everyone marvelled at the lights and were treated to a special show-round by the curators.

One resident went on the record to say, “I believe I speak for everybody in saying we’ve all had a lovely time.  If I’d been at home on my own, Christmas would have been nothing like this.  I’m so grateful to be looked after at Springdene.”

Hard on the heels of the Festive Season came the Annual Employee Appreciation Awards – the “Oscars” of the Springdene year – in which staff nominated their colleagues for 10 special prizes in various categories.

The first of three ceremonies took place at Spring Lane on Wednesday, where care assistant Monika Sas-Jaworska won Carer of the Year.  She was praised for being “polite, kind and caring about everyone – residents and staff alike, – and going the extra mile on every shift”.  Well done, Monika!

Afterwards there was a wonderful singer, great food and dancing into the late afternoon, while winners lined up for the cameras to display their awards (see picture above).  It brought a tear to the eye to observe residents waltzing with carers!

Quite separately our talented artist in residence, Odile Kidd and her team of residents, won a “highly-commended” honour in the North Central London Care System art awards.  Her paper wreaths, everyone agreed, were quite delightful!

On another note, 2024 will bring some important management changes.  Michael Williams, the present CEO is stepping down from his post in March.  He took the helm three years ago after the indisposition of the previous incumbent Jeremy Balcombe, and is returning to his previous occupation as best-selling author and senior journalist in the national media.

However, Michael will not be severing his connection with Springdene entirely – he will continue as Chairman of the Board as well as authoring this acclaimed newsletter and will welcome staying in touch with residents and their families.

The new CEO will be Theodore Powell, currently facilities director with responsibility for project management.  A graduate of Nottingham University, Theodore is a grandson of Dr Arnold and Mrs June Powell, founders of the company – cementing the Springdene tradition as a family business.  He takes up his new job on March 14.

One thing he will be supervising is our new process of charging residents according to their care needs, which began this week.  To explain: each resident will have a six-monthly assessment of their care needs according to a set scale, with their fees adjusted appropriately.  Fees may rise or fall, depending on circumstances but it will be a much more equitable means of charging.

However, don’t worry, there is a built-in safeguard against excessive jumps in fees.  If you are concerned, don’t hesitate to contact our CEO, Michael Williams on mwilliams@springdene.co.uk

Meanwhile we continue the process of modernising the homes.  The programme of upgrading the rooms on the fourth floor of Spring Lane is more than halfway through and we are getting on with transforming the reception area.  Apologies and thanks for forbearance in putting up with the noise and dust.

Next, we’re turning our attention to Spring Grove, where new wetrooms will be created and the lounge areas will get a makeover, establishing a new cinema room in the process.

We are delighted to report that we continue to receive a stream of praise from our residents and their families.  Gill, the cousin of one of our Spring Lane residents, recently wrote:

“As a trained carer myself, I can honestly say that I have never seen a better care home than Spring Lane.  The rooms and common areas are spotlessly clean, well-appointed, and extremely comfortable.  Ongoing activities and entertainment are plentiful.  Residents are encouraged, but not forced, to participate.  Visiting is unrestricted.

“Each and every member of staff seems totally engaged in ensuring that each individual resident is clean, safe, happy, and living life to their utmost potential.  The ratio of carers to residents seems higher than most and there’s a happy atmosphere – lots of smiles!”

Do you have a similar message of praise for us? We’re about to submit our excellent record of care to the judges of the annual National Care Awards and you could help us win a prize.  It’s simple. Just go to www.carehome.co.uk or fill in a simple form in one of our homes’ reception areas.  But don’t delay – nominations close on January 11.  We’ll be grateful for your support!

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